D-cinema aspect ratio chart
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Scott Norwood
2011-10-07 11:43:25 UTC
Since no one else has done this (as far as I can tell), I went
ahead and made up an aspect ratio chart for 2K DLP. As best as I
can determine, the proper pixel dimensions for common formats are
as follows:

1.33 - 1440x1080
1.37 - 1480x1080
1.66 - 1792x1080
1.78 - 1920x1080
1.85 - 1998x1080
2.39 - 2048x858 (yuck)

My home-made chart is available at

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And the DCP (Digital Cinema Package) is at


The DCP plays fine on the Dolby server and probably others (unzip
the zip file and copy the contents of the "artest2-dcp" directory
(not the entire directory) to a CD/DVD or USB flash drive to import
to the server; most servers want the USB drives to be formatted as
EXT3, although FAT32 might work on some).

Hopefully, this should help anyone who needs to set masking stops or
do anything else that would typically be done with an RP40 (err...35PA)

If anyone downloads this, I would appreciate knowing if it plays
in other servers (with make and model number and, ideally, software
version). Also, suggestions for improvements would be appreciated.

The whole D-cinema thing seems rather half-baked at this point,
but there is not much that most of us can do to prevent it from
becoming an important factor in the exhibition industry, sadly.
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Dan Sherlock
2011-10-14 00:31:10 UTC

RP 428-6:2009 D-Cinema Distribution Master - Digital Leader gives
dimensions for 1.33, 1.66, 1.78, 1.85, 1.90, 2.20, 2.39, and 2.55:1
aspect ratios, as well as providing some level of support for each of
these. Some of the ratios have percent cropping scales, whereas some
have just visual indications of proper cropping/framing. SMPTE sells
a package of DCPs that theatres can use for reference known as the
Digital PROjection VErifier (DPROVE) - here is a link with an example
frame to show what it looks like:


The flyer that describes it can be downloaded from: